AM GETTING PAID 2017 : evolving talent


Photo credit : Bruno Guérin, Ton Barbier.

On the weekend of September 28 to 30, the AM GETTING PAID competition was taking place at the Taz in Montreal. 50/50, kickflips, skills and finesse, but above all: talent at its pure state.

With a $ 20,000 purse to be distributed to the winners, the competition has something to rig envy to every competitors. Indeed, with an ultimate prize of $ 10,000 for the first place and amounts ranging from $ 4,000 to $ 500 up to the 10th place, no one can’t stay calm about it!!

Am Getting Paid is at first an occasion for amateurs skateboarders to perform in front of the public, but more than everything, in front of industry figures. This completely free event represent a stepping stone for every skateboarders that aspire to a professional career.  As the sports has been added to the Tokyo Olympic games, we can feel all the craziness around alternative sports since a couple of years.


Jayden Bono came by the competition to fight is champion title. We certainly remember this young skater of 20 y/o that took with grace the first place to Martin Pek and Jon Cos at JACKALOPE 2017. We also had the chance to see Andy Anderson, that we recognize by is crazy style with his rainbow sweater and his crazy tricks on top of the JACKALOPE’s wave while the Four Loko Challenge.



Although the modules already in place inside the Taz Skatepark have not been greatly modified for the event, the opportunity to practice before the D-Day is paramount. Especially for international competitors coming from the international less familiar with this playground. JS Lapierre (winner of the previous edition of the Am Getting Paid) and Charles Deschamps (Founder of the Taz and extreme sports athlete from Montreal) were in the good mood and enthusiasm to answer questions from media. Already names emerge from the lot during this first free practice. CJ Collins, 14, does not leave his place next to his older opponents. Bright, skillful and calculating, the teenager is impressively comfortable. Age fades to contemplate expertise at its best. The weekend promised to be rich in surprise …

CJ getting ready with his father.


77 concurrents. 10 finalists.

The young Jake Bilardi won the first place and the big prize of $ 10 000. Its simple, you won’t find anyone combining a big flip front board a 540 in a run like ATV Jack Bilardi.

JS Lapierre finished with the second place and $4000. We are really proud of that Montrealers who push a lot in the skateboard community. Ke’Chaud Johnson, 30 y/0 finished the third on the podium.

«Amateurs» doesn’t mean less good, it simply means less known. Am Getting Paid clearly showed that the place that skateboard represent in extreme sports is getting bigger even with fans.

None of JACKALOPE 2017 winners got a place on the podium for this competition.
Andy Anderson: 15th place
Jayden Bono: 17th place

Collins, the one we were frankly looking forward to see finished 40th. That said, his career has only just begun and the opportunity to cross his path to various competitions of the kind are more than likely.

Traduction: the talent, as the discipline, is in full expansion.

With all this talent, JACKALOPE 2018 will be something…

So wassup guys, meetup in the JACKALOPE’s course in August 2018 ?

Photo : Dan Mathieu

  1. Jake Ilardi, 20 ans
  2. JS Lapierre, 25 ans
  3. Ke’Chaud Johnson, 30 ans