Dos and don’ts on a plane, JACKALOPE style

Dos and don’ts on a plane, JACKALOPE style

To all of those out there that have been on an airplane : we are all aware of the propriety once on board, but do you know about these aspects ? This article was written in collaboration with a sweet flight attendant.


1- Classic banging in the bathroom, it’s not illegal. You won’t have to deal with the police, #MileHighClub ;

2- Don’t clap during the landing…. please !

3- Bring darn pen ! Don’t be that one person that doesn’t carry one and has to ask to borrow one !

4- Keep your socks ( and shoes )  when you go to the bathroom ;

5- Don’t be rude with the staff, they are human too ! And you could be banned from the plane… for real ;

6- Drink like a boss, but remember that it affects you twice as hard in the air…

7- Dont argue with the flight attendant : everything they are asking is for your safety ;

8- Don’t try to open the door… it won’t work. And you will look like a psychopath ;

9- If you have a long flight, bring a small gift to the flight crew : You might not get an upgrade, but dude, this will make your flight go from economic to first class !

10- After take off, you can switch places,  no prob !

Now, to all of you out there flying to JACKALOPE in a few days, safe travels !
See you shortly !