Foodtrucks !

Foodtrucks ! 

Photo credit : les Premiers Vendredis du mois on the Esplanade Financière Sun Life.

Fine dining on four wheels ? Uh… Yes please !


When we think of Montreal, we instantly imagine pictures of either : the Olympic Stadium, the Expo 67, the Montréal Canadians, Formula 1, the Jazz Festival, Cirque du Soleil, Plateau Mont-Royal, Chinatown, creativity, long (very long) winters, cultural diversity, smoked Meat, bagels and of course, poutine.

We are lucky to live in a city where we can find food that comes from different communities and from all over the world ! Italian pizza, Greek moussaka, Indian tandoori chicken, Mexican tacos, Moroccan couscous, Portuguese chicken, Japanese sushi, Spanish tapas, French cheeses, Chinese dumplings, and more ! Rare are the places that we find this type of culinary authenticity : we are lucky, very lucky.

So, what better way than to attend a festival located in an emblematic area of our charming city in order to live a 100% creative experience ! All of this while enjoying tasty food prepared right in front of us in none other than a friendly truck !

Even if they hold the name of Foodtrucks, we are far from our village’s potato trailer ! Foodtrucks are well known for reinventing the classics, in a simple but always succulent way. And since you are usually served a small dish, you can easily try more than one. This is a big YAY for the greedy !!

We invite you to come and discover our Foodtrucks section at the JACKALOPE Festival, where you will find:



Born from the restaurant Le Gras Dur, the Das Truck Schnitzel will offer you poutine to be tasted at the Jackalope, with just enough fries, just enough sauce, and enough cheese to fill you right up !

Photo Credit : das.png ©

Mi Corazon


The heat does not scare the team of this Foodtruck with Mexican flavour. Mi Corazon Cuisine de Rue will offer you the hottest tacos in town !



With the Mandy’s Foodtruck, salad is no longer a choice of reason, but a choice of heart ! Colourful, refreshing, and nourishing, they are summer flavours.

Photo taken from the Mandy’s Facebook page

Les Affamés


A summer without a burger ? This is a no no. Fortunately, the truck of Les Affamés is there to serve you. With a wide variety of flavours and ingredients, you’ll find your dream burger!

Photo Credit :  lesaffames ©

Hot Dog Mobil


It is always a challenge not to get dirty by enjoying a dish from a Foodtruck, even more when it comes to a good ol’ hot dog. How many condiments will you put in yours without staining your t-shirt?

Photo Credit : hdm.jpg © Hot Dog Mobile Page

Crémy Pâtisserie


We know very well that no one can resist them. Whether you choose a donut, popcorn or cotton candy, Crémy will grab you by the feelings.

Photo Credit : cremy ©