Things to do at JACKALOPE 2018


Here’s a few suggestion to complete your TO DO list for an adrenaline weekend:

  1. Try on mini-ramps
  2. Do yoga Pop Spirit & Smirnoff – because it’s good to take the time to refocus #trouvetonequilibre
  3. Check if your hours at the gym have been efficient enough to be able to get to the top of the Nomad Bloc wall ?
  4. Throw axes with Rage MTL (on a wall only, we are not that crazy)
  5. Test the limits of your friendship in the A/MAZE MTL’s escape room
  6. See if the French team inspired you during the World Cup. We are looking for our next freestyle soccer champion – w/ Freestyle soccer MTL
  7. Challenge your ability to stay zen in the middle of JACKALOPE’s madness by finding your balance on a slackline ? Slackline MTL will be there to show you how!
  8. Try BMX – Mat Hoffman inspire us, we will have a space for initiation and demo
  9. Ah! At JACKALOPE we love all types of talent and you will need your best ”Lucky Luke” reflex to water the crowd during the water fight ?
  10. Like we said, we are looking for talents, so we also want to hear your best pick up lines at the after party ?(well, aren’t you coming for the adrenaline?)
  11. Make the right choice and find the best items to complete your look in our POP UP SHOP. To see which brands will be there, click here
  12. All of this is fun but + the beat of our DJs it’s like… perfect ??
  13. Well, we think that your day is already fully booked, let’s stop there.

To have more time on-site to do and re-do it, buy your weekend pass now. In addition, until July 30th, it’s $30 and you get a F-R-E-E JACKALOPE cap! See yaaaa!