EXCLUSIVE ITEM : The JACKALOPE hat for kids you must get !

EXCLUSIVE ITEM : The JACKALOPE hat for kids you must get !  

You know how much we love our athletes ! Even more when they are smaller than the half of us ( even when on their tippy toes). It’s not that we don’t like the older kids, but we must admit, our clientele is quite a bit more adorable… kids are our future !

To shine light on the growing amount of children that participate in the JACKALOPE event, we have collaborated with Headster to create a hat that lives up to the children’s potential and already achieved talent.

In honor of this collab’, we present to you the official JACKALOPE hat for children under 13 yo *

The 13 yrs and under skate competition will take place Sunday August 20th at 12h30*


You want one for yourself ?

We have a limited amount of JACKALOPE ft. Headster Kids hats at our official kiosk. Go and get one before they all vanish.

A badass exclusive design made by our friends at Headster Kids for JACKALOPE fest 2017 ! But, who is Headster Kids? HK is a company that designs hats for children with attitude. You are looking to add style to your kid with a colored accessory ? Go and check out their Pop up shop at the festival !

*Schedule subject to change without notice