JACKALOPE X Skateboards For Hope

Do you know Skateboards For Hope’s story ?

Betty Esperanza decided not only to live by the motto “Enjoy one day at a time”, she conveys the love of skateboarding, one skate at a time.

What is it all about?

Skateboards For Hope (S4H) is a charity that has been growing in Montreal for a little over 10 years. It started with one skateboard on a trip to Cuba that Founder, Betty, offered to a young Cuban , Yojani Perez. Does his name sound familiar? Perhaps you know him like skateboarders worldwide refer to as Mamerto.  The development of skateboarding in Havana has doubled in speed after the passage of Skateboards For Hope !!! Every visit by Betty = Skateboard !!! Let me tell you that it was exciting news when anyone heard she was visiting.

What do they do?

 “We give skates, shoes, knees, elbows, then that makes the poor children smile.” Emeric Lefebvre.
They recycle, reuse and revolutionize skateboards for youth by developing a community that lives collaboratively and confidently on the planet!
“Our mission is to shred the taboos on skateboarding culture but also the social stigma attached to it.”
It is undeniable that this organization has created a community of young skateboarders, from here and elsewhere, by empowering children to spread their joy of skateboarding through the use of social media.
If you have not noticed their hundreds of ambassadors yet, you will soon, they are everywhere! From Joliette to Gulu (Uganda). Moreover, Skateboards For Hope will be present all weekend for JACKALOPE. We encourage you to show your support for them: beautiful values, an incredible evolution for one of our favorite sports and the joy of living in abundance.