Ya just had to be there : JACKALOPE killing it at TRH-Bar Quebec

Ya just had to be there : JACKALOPE killing it at TRH-Bar Quebec

Photo credit : William Leroux

In case you didn’t know , the TRH-Bar crew has been supporting us for several years with their expertise, their incredible staff and their energy. With the opening of a TRH-Bar in Quebec city, we had to take advantage of it. So, on Saturday July 22nd at 11 a.m, we all met up to hit the road ! Next stop : Quebec city ! The water guns were already full, the Jeep roof was down (windows included) and the party mode was on.

You may not believe this, but a couple of days after the event, we still had some trouble to communicate. Nicolanne lost her voice, Fred and the TRH crew did not give any news, and Jade  well, she’s feeling a little too good.
We spent the afternoon at the Quebec Skate Plaza skating with the homies, eating hot dogs and talking about how sick JACKALOPE is going to be ! We had gear to give to anyone joining the jam. The water guns were out again because, well, we’re just a bunch of kids !

Jade Chrétien. Photo credit : William Leroux

But kids old enough to hit the TRH-Bar Québec  after a day spent at the skatepark.  We had pizza, Pabst,  Four Loko and Captain Morgan as usual. Val  was rocking the “white socks in sandals” swag and we established the fact that a giant beer pong in the middle of the dance floor was pretty rad. Our production assistant even woke up with the oversized beer pong balls in her bed : We could NOT lose them!

Life sized Beer Pong at TRH-Bar Quebec. Photo credit : William Leroux

This being said, when we think about JACKALOPE, we think about skateboarding : A best trick contest to win 2 spots for the World Cup Skateboarding and the hotel room for the weekend at JACKALOPE.  The guys intensely went at it ! We even added some time to the jam because of how “all in” they were. Jonathan Daigle and  Mammouth Durette won the grand prize. Congrats boys !

Jonathan Daigle. Photo credit : William Leroux

Mammouth Durette. Photo credit : William Leroux

After that, well, you know, the average amount of drinks per person was pretty high, but the amount of hours of sleep was pretty low.

If you missed out, we are doing it it all over again x 10 for JACKALOPE 2017 !

See you there !

TRH-Bar Québec Jackalope best trick! Winner get a trip to MTL!

Posted by JACKALOPE on Saturday, July 22, 2017

Facebook Live of Jonathan Daigle during the skate contest at TRH-Bar Quebec