Drone shot by Yann Roy

Thursday August 17th, 9 am:

I get to the hotel lobby to pick up a few invited athletes: Benjamin Garcia, Martin Pek and Simon Stricker to go to Spin Skatepark !

Once there, they started warming up and a few minutes after that, they were all shredding and destroying the park. Some fs bluntslide shove-it, some 360 flips, ridiculously high ollies, and more.

I learned a lot of skateboard related terms this week.

About an hour later, another crew joined the session: Tomas Vintr, Zander Gabriel, Riso Tury, Adam Strojsa and Honza Basny. I did not know where to look. They were shredding all over the place !

I finally got a few of them out of the skatepark to go on a boat ride ! A Wakesurfing session at Yann Roy’s place, why not? It was our turn to show them how we ride a board…well Yann did.

Jade showing the boys how it's done. Crédit photo: Yann Roy

We had so much fun ! Good beats, good beer, sun, good crew, what more could we ask for ?

Zander loving it ! Photo credit: Yann Roy
Zander ! Photo credit: Yann Roy
Photo credit: Yann Roy
Photo credit: Yann Roy
On set ! Photo credit: Yann Roy
Benji nailing it. Photo Credit: Yann Roy

We ended our afternoon trying the OneWheel setup in Yann’s backyard. It was not that successful, but very funny. The crew was stoked ! It was the beginning of an EPIC weekend. For those who were at JACKALOPE, you know ;).

The #JACKALOPEFAMILY is expanding each year.

I’ve already started my countdown for JACKALOPE 2018. It’s right by my Christmas countdown.

See you all next year !

THE FAM ! Photo credit: Yann Roy