Fight is yet to come!

War is yet to come

This guy had no chance against his opponents ! Photo credit : Blizzard media

A Huge Water Gun Fight: Who’s Gonna Have The Biggest Gun?


JACKALOPE fest invites you to whip out your good ol’ water gun and fall back into your childhood with whoever puts you up to the challenge.

Summer is always pretty hot, right? At JACKALOPE, we invite you to bring your water gun to freshen up a little. A battle area will be on site and water stations will be installed so that you can fuel up. Be ready for an epic fight and be sure to have the necessary weapons to survive!

The formula is simple: Spray people, get them wet. We will also have some water balloons, a classic!

We have 2 different strategies to share with you:

  • If you’re very hot, make sure to join a mediocre team or just fight everyone by yourself so that you end up completely soaked ;  
  • If you’re a little less savage, come with a rain jacket and swimming goggles. Also, get your whole gang together to make sure you stay dry !

We had a lot of fun last year! Let’s make it even bigger and crazier this season !

These kids sure know how to handle their guns ! Photo credit : Blizzard Média