The FOUR LOKO Challenge


Dearest Four Loko,

Ever since we crossed paths, everything changed : our days and our nights are no longer the same. Life is now pink, green, purple, peach and lemonade.

We can no longer recall the flame that you sparked in us ever since you placed the Four Loko Challenge on our route.

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ! It is with tremendous enthusiasm that we announce the sickest competition of all !  

It is on Friday, August 18th that athletes registered in the JACKALOPE competition (skateboard category) will have the chance to win 1 500$ thanks to this E-P-I-C challenge.  In addition to offering the chance to win this tremendous amount of money, quite the show is expected, with challenges that are all just as messed up as the other.  So, dear Four Loko admirer, whether you’re there for the skateboarding or for any other reason, it will be love at first site for you as well.

At the moment, we can’t give you any more details, but these next images are worth 1000 words.

You allowed a new world to open up to me. Nothing is more important. The love you have awakened is stronger than all else. You were able to quench the thirst for love that was missing in my life. I can no longer wait to see you, to feel you and to taste you. 

Athletes, register here if you desire !
And to assist the show and become completely Loko,  it’s here !