Montreal underground by Babas Levrai : Montreal is my playground

Montreal underground by Babas Levrai : Montreal is my playground

Charles Deschamps. Photo credit : Babas Levrai

I came to Montreal in 2005, the Island Crew was still there, Berri Square didn’t have it’s chessboard yet, the Peace Park was still illegal, and the only parks you could find were on the south shore. I started photography 2 years after my arrival. At that time, I was working in a restaurant by night, which gave the whole day to skate around the city : every day was different, always new faces on the spots, often tourists. My camera definitely helped me out to meet a lot of interesting people. Montreal is my playground.

Dave Boots


Dave is a total legend, and also the unofficial mayor of the Peace Park. He knows more stories about Montreal than anyone else. His unique documentary helped the Peace Park become legal, which is not very common in big cities. Dave helped the skateboard community to be more accepted by non skateboarders, and I could never thank him enough for that.

Kickflip, at the Montreal’s University. Photo credit : Babas Levrai

Raph Docq


Another frenchy ! But this one is off the hook :  he’s a pastry master and he spends his time  travelling the world in order to skate the best spots. When he came to Montreal, he left some marks on every spot I showed him. That picture was made on his last day : it took 2 tries.  Only 2 guys had ever landed something on this bridge, and he’s one of them.

50-50, in the Mile End. Photo credit : Babas Levrai

Gabriel Jeanson


I don’t know what’s going on in Sherbrooke, but there is a lot of talent coming directly from that area, and not only in skateboarding. What is great with Gab is that he’s never scared to try something out of his league, and he always pushes his limits further : he never gives up ‘till it’s landed. He’s the best from Sherbrooke, no doubt  !

Nollie Noseslide, at the Olympic Stadium. Photo credit : Babas Levrai

Alex Noël


With Alex, we never come back home empty handed : he’s really consistent with his tricks, and very patient with me, who is always trying new things with my flashes. It’s been a while since we’ve been in a sesh together. Alex, if you’re reading this, call me !

Backward Nosegrind, Champs de Mars. Photo credit : Babas Levrai

Anthony Cribier


He’s the next generation of skateboarders in Montreal : his French origins have made him spend his life traveling between France and Canada. And even if spots are more difficult to skate here, it doesn’t seem to bother him much. This picture was taken the day we met : I was supposed to shoot another guy who finally, who ended up ditching me. Antony saved the day with this sweet Ollie during a nice summer evening.

Ollie, on Edouard Montpetit. Photo credit : Babas Levrai

Jhossan Rodriguez


He came from Mexico with his bag of original tricks and left no one indifferent. My summer is gonna be even more interesting with this guy, that’s for sure !

Boneless on Saint Antoine. Photo credit : Babas Levrai