Pop up shop

Pop up (your) shop

Come check out the Pop up shop event at JACKALOPE 

Hey, what is a pop up shop? In fact, it’s a shop that is unique. It is also an ephemeral boutique that gives you the chance to shop in it for a few days : don’t miss it !

Why are they so popular? Because, unlike buying on the web, you have the chance to meet the creator behind the product that you are about to purchase. It often leads you to discover a new underground brand, to buy products from somewhere different than in a store, and finally, it gives you the pleasure of buying local. The pop up shop is the retailer of tomorrow.

Pop is the new shop.

When pop up shops are a part of an event or a festival, you associate your purchases to new feel good memories : It doesn’t just become your new blue sweater, it becomes THE new blue sweater from the time you ate the best tacos of your life, from when you met your best friend from elementary school by pure luck, from when you had won an axe-throwing contest and that you had come to the conclusion, a bit tipsy, that it was a good idea to start skateboarding again 15 years later (be safe though !)

Why is the Pop up shop so important to us?

Starting from the ground up is not easy. We are aware of it. That’s why we are taking advantage of our own success in order to help other entrepreneurs realize their craziest dream. There is a story behind every brand that needs to be seen and heard and JACKALOPE makes it a point to shout it from the Olympic Stadium. Our goal is to act as an agent who creates a contact between the shop, the customer, and the commercial buyer : we create networking with the right people at the right time.

Streetwear is your favorite hashtag ? You are fashionista? You are a shopping addict ? You are already ready to buy your Christmas presents ? You want a new swag for  back to school? You are sick of thing “Made in China” ? Your ex stole your favorite sweater and you’re looking for a new one ? You have your own brand and you’d love for everyone to know about it ?

Come Pop up the shop because Pop is the new shop!

See the event HERE

The exhibitors will be on site :


Friday : 5 pm to 10 pm

Saturday & Sunday : 12pm to 10pm


Here is a list of the shops you can expect to see :


Fashion and Design :


Traveling :

Electronics :

  • Kiwi Média et Location
  • Speck

Organisms :

Beauty & Lifestyle :


So we will see you at JACKALOPE, from August 18th to 20th, on the Esplanade Financière Sun Life of the Olympic Park !


Tickets and info at  www.jackalopefest.ca