Quebec is on top…litteraly

Quebec is on top…litteraly

Highline competition, China. Photo credit : Julien Desforges

Four Quebecers make history by participating in the first ever trick highline competition of all time ! This wild event involved 9 highlines measuring between 50 and 350 meters long and set at extraordinary heights.

Anthony Hotte, Guillaume Fontaine and Sam Volery on the podium in China. Photo credit: Julien Desforges

So, what is highlining exactly ?

It is like the bigger, taller, more extreme version of slacklining : it is set at insane heights and demands even more balance and skill since the spatial perspective is a lot more intense. The slackline is so long that it’s tension is less tight, making each step more demanding and challenging than the one before.

Julien Desforges, founder of Slackline Montréal,  is an embassador of the highlining community in Montreal and travels regularly for his job. In addition to bringing to life and conceptualizing slacklining shows for spectators, he also participates in these presentations, putting the discipline on the map. This is done mainly through demos, competitions and events (including C2 Montréal) !

Julien Desforges putting on a show at C2 Montreal. Photo credit : Paul Eifert

C2 Montreal. Photo credit : Paul Eifert

In july, he made his way to China for the first international trick highline competition. The event had 16 participants in total, including 4 quebecers. If we do the math, that is 25% of the whole competition. Quebec for the win !

By the way, watch out because the story we are about to tell you of the two youngsters from the Townships that just happened to add themselves to the competition last minute is pretty incredible.
In an interview with Tribu Expérientiel, Julien explains that he discovered these boys of 18 and 19 years of age at the St-Anne Canyon Festival last September. He met back up with them at Ascot Corner, where the boys would always go and set up their equipment in order to practice day and night (and this is not even an exaggeration). Some people spend their afternoons on a bike, others spend them on a unicycle, rolling on top of a slackline.

What started off as their passion soon became their lifestyle, and this was enough to make them shine on an international level : they finished 1st and 2nd against competitors coming from France, Switzerland, Germany, China, Canada, USA, Italy and the UK.

“The craziest part of this whole story is that Guillaume Fontaine and Anthony Hotte arrived in Asia as basic participants in the competition in order to fill in spots that were left by other slackliners”.

-La Tribune


Congrats boys ! We are excited to see what show you will put on at the JACKALOPE fest !