Skateducation : Let me teach you about it !

Skateducation : let me teach you about it ! 

Photo credit : Skateducation

Skateboard-studies. Dropping out. Sedentary Lifestyle. Motivation.


In my first article, I talked to you about groups of girls that are super badass and that break stereotypes. This time, it’s all about young skaters that make it out of tough grounds. A bunch of bums ? No. It is a group of young ones that have a chance to practice their favorite sport at school, under the condition that they maintain good marks. It is a winning recipe ! At JACKALOPE, we promote the wellbeing of physical activity, all while creating a feeling of belonging. It is one of our missions. I will also talk to you about the effects of sports on the physical and mental health with completely real scientific statistics. Watch out, I’m wiping out the big words ! You will go to bed smarter tonight.

It is the only skateboarding sport-study program in Quebec. Photo credit : Vice Quebec

Skating at school ?


For the past two years, École secondaire du Triolet in Sherbrooke has been offering a particular program: Skateducation.

Skateboarding at school. Every morning. For two hours.

Pretty sweet, no ? The founders Vincent Beauchemin Bergeron, along with Antoine Gingras, two pioneers of skateboarding in the region decided to offer to kids what they would have loved to have throughout their youth: a skateboarding sport-study program. Students explore practical, physical and cultural aspects of the sport.

To be able to skate 2 hours a day during school hours  is a privilege that one had to earn : the kids have to maintain an average of 70% in math and in french. Skateboarding becomes a source of motivation for kids to become successful in school, or it can even help to prevent dropouts.

Vincent was able to combine his experience as an entrepreneur and as a skater in order to give back to his favorite sport. Eight years ago already, he created the skate-study. What was once volunteer work in the past has now become a sport concentration program that serves the purpose of stimulating kids that tend towards quitting school. It’s mission is to see it’s project grow, all while keeping it’s true skateboarding spirit. “Keep it real”, as they say. Antoine is more the type to seek improvement and he loves getting involved. His experience in woodworking is useful for their project and the construction and the conception of skateparks, like Shredco.

They give the possibility to children to experiment freely : try new things, come across more experienced riders and to perfect their skill. It is important to work on their confidence, on their teamworking skills and on their tolerance of others. We have to focus on the next wave of skaters, the future of the sport that is gaining popularity. Vincent shared that they mainly focus on the development of the local skateboarding scene, but they would love to eventually bring the project in other regions of Quebec… DO IT !

What does dropping out in Quebec look like ?


If we look at the big picture, a total of 14,1% of kids quit school before even having received their high school diplomas. 11% are girls and 17.4% are boys.

In other terms, 3 out of 5 students that drop out of school are boys. What’s going on guys ?

This being said, the Minister of Education explains that the dropout rate is going down. However, we still have some major work to do ! We notice that what separates the dropouts from the diploma is the success in the french subject. Many dropouts happen to be the ones with a slight academic difficulties, attention deficit disorders, or they are simply uninterested and unmotivated. It becomes important to target them and to recognize them and to find what motivates them. Morning skateboarding sessions perhaps ? We know a few that would take this option anyday !

Sedentary lifestyle : We don’t move enough !


Television, video games, computers, smartphones, tablets… hours and hours of entertainment at the tip of our fingers. This is not what will help us burn calories, that’s for sure.

*In average, young quebecers spend 23.2 hours per week in front of a screen.

This exceeds the recommended 9 hours maximum

Close to one out of five kids bust the 35 hour range spent in front of a screen. That is a lot.

Sports : a solution among many others


Practicing a sport that you like rimes with structure, regular attendance, health, values, feelings and high self esteem. That makes for a lot of positivity !

By practicing a sport at school, youngsters find motivation. They also make friends and they can set goals for themselves.

In addition to this, the positive effects of physical activity is scientifically proven. When we do physical activity, our body creates substances like catecholamines and serotonin.


Uh, what ?


Let me explain quick quick :

Catecholamines (adrenalin and dopamine) regulate arterial pressure and produce energy. This creates a feeling of wellbeing and stimulates awakeness.

Serotonin…well it’s the hormone of joy !

Also, a study shows that children with attention deficit disorders that have pushed themselves physically show similar academic performances to individuals without attention disorders.

To sum things up : sport activities are the best medicine ! Sports result in health

So basically…skating is health ??? I like to believe so !

Photo credit : Blizzard média