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One of the youngest pro skater in the world, Sky Brown, will be at JACKALOPE!

The youngest pro skater in the world, Sky Brown, will be at JACKALOPE!

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We are really proud to announce that this year, as well as receiving two other sports action legends, we will also have the honor of welcoming the youngest female pro skateboarder in the world, Sky Brown. At 9 years old only, the young Japanese pro skater will be visiting us to participate in the World Cup of Skateboarding on August 18th-19th.

‘’In 2016, Sky Brown became the youngest athlete in History to participate in the Vans US Open Pro Series. She is also one of the faces of Roxy, a clothing brand made for women who surf, snowboard and skateboard. She often takes part in television shows and her Instagram profile, showing her skills as well as her 6 years old brother’s – another skateboarding phenom –, is followed by almost 140 000 people. Everywhere she goes, the young skateboarder attracts crowds.’’ – LaPresse,  The Phenomena Sky.

Here’s her performance at the Vans Us Open Pro Series

For us, gender equality counts.
Last year, we gave a $9,000 grant for all categories of the World Cup of Skaterboarding. This year, we’ve upgrated it to $20,000, but most importantly, the grant will be divided equally between the men and the women’s categories. As well as the organizer of JACKALOPE, Micah Desforges, says it : ‘’It sounds weird to say, but there are still lots of inequalities between men and women in our domaine. With the fifty-fifty grant, we want to send a signal. If girls see that contests are offering serious winning prizes, it will motivate them to continue skateboarding at a more competitive level.’’

By being the most transparent as we can, we wanted to let you know that there will be a price raise for JACKALOPE’s tickets starting on June 30th. The Week-end pass that is currently $25 will be $30 in less than 4 days! However, if you buy your ticket before the 30th of June, you automatically get a chance to win an Empire skateboard deck! Good luck all!

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